Terms and Conditions of Melia Travel Agent Cash Incentive Program 

The Melia Travel Agent Cash Incentive Program (“MHI Program”) is offered to travel agents who book reservations at a retail travel agency. Travel agents wishing to register must have a valid IATA, TRUE or CLIA registration. Travel agents working at tour operators, tour operator subsidiaries and affiliates and/or any Melia affiliated company cannot participate in the MHI Program. Valid ONLY for U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada based travel agents. Valid ONLY for hotels shown on the page.

 The following are the general terms and conditions of the MHI Program, and constitute the contents of the Contract that is undertaken between Melia Hotels International (MHI)., owner of the MHI Program, and each travel agent participant (“Participant”) once the latter has agreed to participate in the MHI Program and has completed the MHI Program registration form. By using this website and submitting a registration form. Participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

 1.         MHI reserves the right to totally or partially cancel or change MHI Program, with or without prior notice. MHI reserves the right to approve, deny or revoke participation in the MHI Program to any individual for any reason whatsoever. If the MHI Program is discontinued, all incentives accumulated by a Participant will be redeemable within 30 days of cancellation notice or date of cancellation. MHI will use reasonable efforts to ensure that sufficient prior warning is given should the MHI Program be cancelled, by posting such changes on this website, but will not be responsible for any losses or damages caused by its cancellation or modification.

  2.         MHI reserves the right to monitor all Participants’ account activity. MHI reserves the right to terminate a Participant’s enrollment in the MHI Program, without notice, due to misrepresentation, noncompliance with the Program rules or any other aspect of the Program or any conduct detrimental to the interests of MHI. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, if at any time MHI reasonably determines that a Participant has engaged in any fraud or abuse concerning MHI redemptions, the Participant account will be terminated, including forfeiture of all accumulated incentives and the immediate cancellation of membership, and, thereafter, the Participant will be banned from entering any other Melia incentive program, and legal action may be undertaken by MHI. A Participant that has been awarded cash incentives in error or believes its account has been the subject of fraud shall contact the MHI Program service center immediately via email at

  3.         MHI Program credits and/or redemptions may not be sold, bartered, given away or purchased. Any incentives obtained in any such manner by any person or entity will be considered fraudulently obtained and will be voided. Incentives can ONLY be claimed by the registered agent. Any other person using other agent's registration will be considered a breach of these terms and all incentives will be forfeited. 

4.         Any personal tax liability and bank fees, in connection with the receipt and/or use of MHI Program incentives are the responsibility of the Participant.

 5.         The MHI Program is open to retail travel agents only. Travel agents working at tour operators, tour operator affiliates and subsidiaries and/or any Melia affiliated company cannot participate in the MHI Program.

  6.         Upon the completion of the MHI Program registration form, the applying Participant accepts and authorizes MHI to use the information contained in the registration form for the promotional purposes of MHI, subject to section 9 dealing with personally identifiable information.

  7.         The MHI Program is subject to the laws of Florida. Any action brought or held on the basis of the Program shall be brought and held in the appropriate court in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The Program is void where prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

  8.         Participants shall register for the MHI Program by completing the registration form found in this website.

  9.         . Once a participant has registered link to a specific travel agency, he\she will be able to modify personal information only, and will not be able to change the agency information. If the agent has changed jobs to another agency, then A) should notify us at help@meliacashincentives.comand B) Re-Register under the new travel agency.

  10.       MHI Program incentives must be accrued on an individual basis, and only the MHI Participant may accumulate incentives in his or her account. Participants of the program can register, claim and receive cash incentives for their own bookings. Participants are not allowed to claim bookings on behalf of other travel agent or travel agency as a group. Membership will be registered under the Participant's full name. Participants must use corporative email as email account. Personally identifiable information regarding an account is considered confidential to the Participant and shall be released only with the consent of the Participant.

  11.       A Participant can change his \ her profile information upon written request and approval by MHI; however, the IATA number provided shall always be valid and matching with the new information.

  12.       MHI Program incentives are awarded on the basis of rooms/night booked. A room/night is defined as a confirmed and completed overnight stay at a participating Melia Hotel during valid Program dates. Incentives are earned based on the incentive rate schedule of each participating hotel. Bookings must match the criteria and terms of the MHI Program in order to qualify for incentives. IT IS THE PARTICIPANT'S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THE BOOKINGS MATCH THE CRITERIA OF THE PROGRAM. MHI is not responsible in case information provided by the participant is incorrect, lost, late or misdirect. Not valid on travel agent special rate bookings, contracted or negotiated rates. Cannot claim cash incentives for the agent's own travel. This offer does not apply for groups. Cash incentives when reported through a tour operator will not apply if paid rate is lower than contracted rate or official ttoo sale rate.

  13.       Bookings must be submitted no later than 40 days of guest's arrival, after this time bookings expire and do not qualify. All MHI incentives are subject to approval by each hotel. After 30 days of guest departure from the hotel, any requests for modifications of already registered bookings in the system and that by any reason whatsoever have been mistakenly reported will not be considered.

 14.       Delivery of payment for incentives earned will be by U.S. bank check, in United States Dollars and sent via U.S. regular mail to the address provided by Participant at time of registration. MHI is not responsible for checks fraudulently cashed or stolen. Checks are valid for 6 months. P.O. boxes are not allowed as Participant addresses. Only U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico valid addresses are allowed. In case checks are not cashed and expire, a fee of $25.00 will apply to reissue a new check. Allow 4-10 weeks for delivery of checks once a request for redemption has been made. If after 10 weeks, Participant has not received the check corresponding to a redemption request, Participant should notify this via email to the Service Center in order to cancel the check and reissue.

  15.       Reported bookings that have been approved for incentive payment, and are not claimed for redemption will expire after 1 year and cannot be submitted again for redemption. After one year without activity, Participant’s account will be deactivated.

 16.       Active Participants can access an individualized online statement on a regular basis. The statement will summarize current approved incentives, pending incentives and denied incentives. Participants are responsible for keeping reservation codes and booking records to compare with the information contained in the MHI Program statements. If any claim is submitted, Participant should include in the request: reservation codes and booking records (including all passenger's names, arrival and departure dates and Hotel name) as a proof of booking. Invoice(s) will not be accepted as a proof of booking.

  17.       Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MHI, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents, from any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, judgments or settlements, including reasonable attorney fees and costs, incurred by such indemnified parties on account of any act, omission, or breach of this Agreement by Participant. Other restrictions apply.

Other restrictions apply.

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